Specific Mechatronics Pvt Ltd. is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Company, dedicated for design–develop-manufacture and service of advanced-efficient winding solutions.

Since its inception in 2008, SPENICS has been facilitating transformer & motor manufacturing industry with Medium to Large, Manual/Automatic winding machines and its accessories.

Our innovation and efforts through in-house R&D and well equipped manufacturing plant enable us keeping our customers at front line of business by improving their manufacturing efficiency. SPENICS is like your winding partner and hence we believe in bonds than business. For our customers it is a time of growth, expansion and diversification. SPENICS shall go hand in hand by constantly improving our product portfolio and making sure it matches their requirement.


Cutting Edge & Innovative Winding Solutions

Every Winding Solution by SPENICS produces Windings that come with all the benefits of the best machine, process, having produced by a company that functions on High-Quality standards, has a Process-Driven approach, produces output in the most Effective way and that is driven by Excellence.

Technology, Perfection, Dependability, Consistency and Ethics are the guiding factors & manufacturing values we inculcate in all our processes.

Our Product Series Includes Handy, Easy, Synchro, Delta, Vertical & Spin covering every application and every size