SPENICS manufactures vertical winding machines to handle large size and high volts coil for Power and Loco transformers. We manufacture Vertical winding machine of two types depending upon the requirement of client based on height of roof and infrastructure:

1) Pit type vertical winding machine.

2) Floor type vertical winding machine.

Following are the salient features and varients available with us of vertical winding machines:

  • Automatic/Motorised up and down of coil.
  • Automatic/Motorised up and down of platform as winding rises.
  • Various break options available to choose from Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Disc and Electric brakes.
  • Optional traverse control available.
  • Efficient roller type tensioner to handle any size of wire and strips, with utmost care.
  • Reel carrier with self braking system.
  • Auto stop function available.
  • Varient avilable are 3, 5, 10, 20 tons capacity.