In SPENICS we are manufacturing medium to large capacity coil winding machines and its accessories. Spenics winding machine are built to handle variety of coil and wire winding applications.

Our machines are rigid, smooth, rugged yet elegant in looks, mechanically and electronically hi tech, we provide semi automatic to fully automatic systems. We have complete tailor made solution for your requirement Suitable for HV coils, section coils, cross over coils of Distribution Transformers.

A heavy but beautiful machine which adds to standard of your facility. Following are its features:

  • Friction less speed control in its paddle.
  • High and low speed models are available.
  • Optional Fail safe brake on winding spindle for slack less tight winding.
  • Very low operative noise.
  • Instant electronic breaking while stopping.
  • Well processed spindle shaft avoids bending.
  • Powder Coated body
  • VFD enabled
  • Consumes Less Power
  • Smooth in functioning
  • Max. Conductor Area : 0.3 to 30.00 mm Dia.
  • Max. Winding Weight : Up to 10,000 Kg.
  • Max. Winding Length : Up to 3000 mm.
  • Machines from : 5 HP to 25 Hp