For a versatile and Robust solution for your loop winding requirements.
Sturdy construction, high torque delivery, simple handling and digital turns
counter are key features of our loop winding solutions.
Quick, accurate set up
▼ All winding beams with conductor clamping arrangement and incorporate a pair
of fully adjustable winding pins . Reference Scales fitted to the winding beam,
ensure fast and accurate setups.
Robust Power Drive
▼ Spin Loop Winder comes with variable frequency drive technology. A strong
gearbox directly drives main spindle, providing a high torque capability with soft
start and intermittent variable speed.
Anti runback
▼ Machine Prevents runback and eliminating tension loss during stopping and
Quick release tooling
▼ Operator friendly solutions for both the conductor clamping and winding pin
assemblies. Optional “D” loop tooling also available.
Operator controls
▼ Easy to operate control panel for the adjustment of winding speed and direction
of rotation. Digital turns counter with reset function.
Reel stands
▼ Complete range available all with individually variable or constant pneumatic /
Mechnical reel tensioning. Variety of reel sizes can be accommodated.