An accessory for winding machine but our tensioners are being well appreciated by our customers because of following reasons:

  • Basically we have two type of tensioners heads: Plate type and Rolling type.
  • Free running – Srew based – Motorised options available for head travel.
  • Ample space for insulation and transposition.
  • Four pillar guided system makes tension application reliable & easy.
  • Min max multiple conductor tensioning capacity ranging of 50 to 1500 sq.mm.
  • Min max head travel from 300 to 3000mm.

Reel Carrier

This is the final touch, which makes the system complete. Following are the features:

  • Easy loading and unloading of heavy conductor spools.
  • Designed to handle wast variety of conductor spools.
  • Spool position secured through removable lockable ends.
  • Wheeled assembly to compensate lateral movement.
  • Heavy robust yet elegant design.
  • Available in 4/6/10 reel format.