SPENICS is fully dedicated in providing effective and quality winding solutions to its users.

At Spenics, our line of work is distributed into 2 divisions – Mechanical and Electronics. Each division has varied talents and functionalities, but they play an important role together. Their work complements each other and the end result is top quality winding machines and accessories.

Both divisions are managed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts, and are equipped with the latest technology in manufacturing machinery and software. Every product developed is in tune with our high quality standards, and are tested for their flexibility, consistency and agility.

Advantages with SPENICS

  • Designing flexibility and customized solutions.
  • Virtual designing and 3D simulation allows us stringent testing.
  • High load and high impact capacity in all the machines.
  • All systems and circuits are enclosed for safety.
  • All electronic systems are easy to configure.
  • Rigid, heavy duty but aesthetically beautiful machines.
  • Long life and low serviceability.
  • Easy to transport and easy to assemble.